Five Reasons I Use Graphic Novels to Teach History

Lovers of history know that there are innumerable ways to experience the past.  To this end, our history classes at Sewickley Academy engage students in literature, film, speakers, art, music, field trips, and… Continue reading


I had the honor of attending a writer’s workshop with Iranian writer Shahriar Mandanipour this past week through City of Asylum in Pittsburgh.  We focused on point of view and read a series… Continue reading

The Art of Storytelling with Prezi

This was originally posted on Aug 26, 2014 at As a history teacher, I look for creative ways to communicate stories of people and places.  Many mediums tell these narratives such as memoirs,… Continue reading

A Dandelion Moment

It’s been a long time since I wrote for my blog.  But yesterday I had a moment. I was leaving my neighborhood and as I looked to my left to check for traffic,… Continue reading

9 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Classroom

It’s overwhelming to think about packing up the summer, heading back to the classroom, and adding a new instructional strategy to your already overflowing toolbox. Yet, ostensibly, you are a fairly proficient computer… Continue reading


My affinity for the Middle East and its culture is something on which I reflect often. Why, of all the places and countries I have visited, is this the region that gives me… Continue reading

Flipping It Inside-out

I admit I am a novice when it comes to the idea of Flipped Classrooms. Though, seeing some examples of teachers’ flipped classroom videos has put the idea in my mind firmly enough to start creating my own recordings and experiment a bit. Initially…


I just read a very thought-provoking post from Mary Ann Reilly at Between the By-Road and the Main Road. What began as a comment spilled out to a blog post, so I hope she will pardon me for directing traffic over here. Mary Ann and I were part of …

Connection in the Clouds

This whole project began with the idea of not using a KWL to introduce my Middle East unit; I did not have any plan for word clouds, never mind making a global connection. I simply decided to use a modified Frayer Model, which focused on how stude…

Speaking Up

Back in February, I started following Andy Carvin on Twitter and for the first time since my initiation to tweeting in November 2011, I experienced the power of social media journalism. “Primary Source Documents” took on a whole new meaning and my…